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What contributes to a strong safety culture?

Tribes’ top four tips for a world-class safety culture 

By asking ‘yourself what contributes to a strong safety culture?’ your approach to creating a good culture becomes much more meaningful and effective. 

Instead of sticking to a rigid formula that runs the risk of failing, you can consider changes that need to be made, understand the absolutes, and be very flexible in your approach. 

Based on Tribe’s experience, here are four of our key factors for a world-class safety culture: 

  1. A sense of purpose: clear and inspiring vision, alongside a practical sense of how to get there. 
  2. Engaging leadership: people who demonstrate honesty, integrity and create transparency across the business. They are visible, engage with their people regularly and understand what it takes to coach people to give them ownership, rather than just dictating instructions. 
  3. Personal responsibility at all levels: individuals who recognise the importance and impact of their own behaviour, take ownership of issues where they can and look out for their team members. 
  4. An effective process of continual improvement: belief at every level in the importance of continuous improvement with simple, practical processes to enable it, allowing both shared learning and effective feedback. 

 Are all four attributes in place at your organisation? Contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

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